Unity Yoga

Yoga poses evolved from the observations of ancient yogis who translated the movement and harmony of nature. Unity Yoga has roots in Integral Hatha Yoga which means including all aspects of our being, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Allowing and inviting us to connect on a deeper level with ourselves and outwards to others and all that surround us in nature. It exercises our bodies, our breath & our minds in a gentle, intuitive and respectful way. Some asanas (postures) can be more challenging, dynamic and energising, others more relaxing and restorative. Variations and adjustments always given so everyone works at their own level.

Yoga develops flexibility & strength in our bodies and tranquility to the mind.

The practice of fluid movement, breath and moments of stillness addresses balance of the body, mind & emotions to promote happiness and peace within.

In the yoga session we will combine:

Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Asanas (dynamic & static postures)

Mudras (focusing energy flow)

Hemingstone Hut, IP6 9RG

Wednesdays - 09.30 till 10.45 - spaces available - price per class (see prices page)

Battisford Community Centre, IP14 2HP

Thursdays - 18.30 till 19.30 - spaces available - 6 week block - £48

Mobile One to One Tuition - Available on Request

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop
— Rumi