What do I need to bring to a yoga class?

All you need for a class is to wear something comfortable that you can move freely in. If you have your own mat bring it along, though mats are provided. A bottle of water and a blanket or a shawl that you can get cosy in for relaxation times.

Does my hair get oily having massage in the workplace?

Normally no oils are used in a corporate situation, unless its a wellbeing event or specific activity that has been arranged through the business and company.

Where is the massage therapy room?

Located near Christchurch Park in Ipswich with free, off-road parking. Mobile treatments direct into your home can be arranged on request.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

Some people may feel intimidated if they don’t feel very flexible, if this is how you feel please don’t let this stop you joining a class. We gain flexibility and suppleness by practicing yoga, it’s one of the many benefits!