Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient body work that is carried out fully clothed on a padded futon.   Breath work begins the session to aid relaxation.  This is followed with: Gentle stretches and applied yoga asanas (postures); Rhythmic Acupressure Massage that is applied to the feet and legs.

The rest of the body enjoys this Rhythmic Acupressure technique, which flows through the whole body aiding: deep relaxation; fluidity within the joints, improving movement; release of muscular tension and helping to release stagnant energy within the Sen lines (through the energetic body). 

We can hold our emotions within us and push them down, which in turn can make us feel blocked.  Through bodywork and healing we can begin to open up and create space allowing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual freedom and wellbeing.

Thai Yoga Massage can also be light, relaxing and energising.


A body mind therapy. Sometimes it is referred to as the Thai chi of massage. It’s been around since 1970 but not widely known. Pulsing is carried out whilst you are fully clothed on a massage couch. Pulsing is worked on through rhythmic rocking movement which stimulates the energy flow, which tunes in to the body’s natural rhythms and allows the recipient to feel nurtured and supported. It can be deeply relaxing allowing a release of physical, emotional and psychological tension and stress. Pulsing helps to promote mobility, flexibility and balance. Altogether a wonderful mind body therapy to receive.

Holistic Oil Massage

Once you arrive you are welcomed into a candlelit room and can enjoy the aroma of soothing essential oils. Your modesty is retained at all times as you are covered by warm towels whilst lying on a massage couch. The warmed oil is slowly drizzled onto your skin and massaged into tired muscles, the touch being modified according to the depth you require. The massage can be tailored to the areas in need I.e. back, neck and shoulders, very often the greatest areas of stress and tension. Full body massage is a top to toe experience and helps stimulate better circulation, expulsion of toxins and relaxation.

Reiki - (ray-key)

Japanese for ‘universal life force energy’. The tradition dates back to the early 20th century, founded by Mikao Usui. Reiki helps guide the body emotionally and spiritually and channels the body’s own natural healing energy to bring about balance and a sense of wellbeing. A Reiki treatment is carried out whilst the recipient is fully clothed on a massage couch or seated comfortably in a chair. The therapist gently places their hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on or near the body. One can experience sensations of heat, tingling and colours. Reiki can be supportive when experiencing challenging times and can be used alongside alternative and conventional treatments too. Harmony can be restored and achieved.

Eastern Tradition Holistic Massage

This is a flexible, unique style of massage, having many elements of different styles and ways of working with the body and mind, that releases tension and promotes wellbeing.  Ancient techniques that have been handed down through generations are used and adapted for each individual.

There are many Thai and Indonesian influences to experience as well as Pulsing techniques. Acupressure clears the energy lines throughout the body to relieve blockages.  Tibetan bowls and chimes provide beautiful sound therapy and burning of sage awakens the senses.

Deep stretching and palming releases tension.  The massage starts dry then gradually warm oil is poured on the muscles to allow deeper work, with the soothing effect of the oil and warm healing packs applied to the body to relieve aches and pains. The whole body is involved, making the treatment extremely relaxing, releasing and invigorating with the benefits of eastern traditions.

Balinese Ritual Treatments

Balinese Boreh

Boreh is a village remedy that has been handed down through generations from rice farmers in Bali, Indonesia.  It’s recognised as traditional medicine and is believed to help warm the body relieving aching joints, painful muscles and ease headaches. 

Treatment starts with a `holistic massage with Eastern traditions` followed by a healing pack made from warming spices such as cinnamon, clove and ginger, applied to warm the body and relieve aches and pains, strengthening and revitalising the body with the restoration of balance and health.

The ginger heats up the body drawing the toxins to the surface then the clove works deeply to draw them out. Improving circulation, digestion, strengthens immune system, anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic.  The feet or scalp can be massaged while waiting for the natural ingredients to take affect. 

Coconut Scrub

The natural ingredients are blended up and applied to the body to remove dead skin cells, followed by a light film of coconut oil then shower or removed using mitts.  A great exfoliation with anti-oxidant.  Benefits include improved blood/lymph circulation and soft skin with a warm, luminous glow.

Coffee Scrub

The same process as the coconut scrub though slightly more warming. This stimulating scrub will boost circulation, detoxify and assist as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Scalp Massage

Essential oil is used to carry out a deep massage accompanied with mineral rich clay, to soothe the scalp and strengthen, nourish and protect the hair whilst restoring lustre and manageability.  Relieves stress and provides relaxation.

Foot Massage

The feet enjoy a cleanse and scrub, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.  A massage incorporating acupressure points stimulates all systems including blood and lymph flow, helping to cleanse the internal organs.  Very relaxing and revitalising.