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Providing services aimed at promoting the wellbeing of individuals and teams, supporting HR in keeping their staff happy and healthy, essential in the modern world we live in with its’ abundance of pressures and stresses.  It promotes staff moral and can form part of a staff incentive plan.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Designed to leave recipients relaxed, recharged and refreshed ready for the day ahead. This makes it great for those in the workplace but can equally be beneficial for those looking for some relaxation and rejuvenation.

The sessions offer a welcome break from the desk, resting the eyes from the glare of a computer. It releases tension built up in the back, neck and shoulder area. This tension can build from being sedentary for long periods, or through poor posture.

The session has the benefit of improving circulation too.

The recipient is seated on an ergonomically designed chair, fully clothed. This makes it a very effective massage within a corporate environment.


Provision of 45 minute classes (up to 1hr if time allows) delivered on-site. Fixed cost of £50/class (Maximum of 10 attendees/class - to be confirmed based upon demand and room space) OR £7/person with a minimum of 8 people per class (if the employee is to pay directly).

Wellbeing Workshops

Provision of Classes or Daily Activity (Staff Health Wellbeing days). This can be built bespoke to the organisational needs and could include, (for example) a combination of mini-workshops (30 minutes – 1hr) to cover:

·         Breathing and Meditation Techniques

·         Stretch Awareness and Yoga Sessions (including team building with partner/group yoga)

·         Promoting positive Mental Health and Mindfulness Activities

A quote can be provided on request and be flexible to offer daily or class rates.